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Soundstation 2 Versión NO expandible Sin Display (Part: #2200-15100-001)
$548.84 USD

Soundstation 2 Versión NO expandible Sin Display (Part: #2200-15100-001)

Descripción del Item. Part: #2200-15100-001

The SoundStation2 Analog Conference Phone from Polycom features intelligent microphones, speakers, and audio technology to ensure that you can hear and be heard. It supports up to ten participants at once and full duplex technology for a natural and simultaneous two-way conversation without clipping or drops. Dynamic noise reduction technology removes background noise while 360 degree microphone coverage ensures that you can be heard without any distracting ambient sounds. It also resists interference from mobile phones for enhanced clarity. Furthermore, the SoundStation 2 has a 2.5mm applications port that lets you connect it to a mobile phone or PC for voice over IP (VoIP) calling. It connects to any standard telephone line, making it very easy to set up and includes features such as redial, mute, transfer, hold, and more.

More Productive Calls

Polycom acoustic clarity technology facilitates clear communication and resists interference from mobile phones

Hear and Be Heard

Intelligent microphones and dynamic noise reduction technology ensures everyone can be heard

Connects with Multiple Devices

An applications port offers additional flexibility for mobile phones and Internet calling on PCs

Easy to Install

Connects to any analog phone jack and can be connected to a PBX with an optional analog extension